Duck Hunt Boats- Layout Boat For Sale


The Duck Hunt Boat is constucted using the Stitch and Glue method.  Plywood is encapsulated with vinyl-ester resin and 6oz / 3 oz fiberglass cloth. All critical seams have an extra layer of 6 oz. cloth.

~120 lbs of buoyancy is provided by poured 2 lb foam fore and aft. It takes approximately 14 lbs of buoyancy to float an adult. This boat should float 8 persons, but I don’t see 8 persons fitting in it.

To save weight it is of minimalist construction. The finish is not smooth like a factory made fiberglass boat. Ounces turn to pounds. I’ll work with you to produce the boat you want, to your specs, just contact me with your wishes.

Sneak into your favorite spot and throw a camo net over yourself and you have the perfect blind . Laying out in the boat you are out of most of the wind and you are only 8-12″ above the water line. Brush in with some raffia grass or cut some natural vegetation to add to the boat and you have the perfect layout blind.
Drag it up on land and you are warm and dry and mostly out of the mud.

Use your own kayak paddle or purchase a 96″ paddle with the boat. You could also pole this little boat.

Pricing starts at $750 FOB