Duck Hunt Boat Specifications

Standard boat is 7’10” OAL and 14 ” tall, bottom is 36″ and OAW is 44″ it weighs ~50 lbs, most can pick this little boat up and launch by hand, throw it in back of your truck or the rack of your Subaru when ready to go home.

Much more stable than a kayak. Paddles well can be easily poled, drafts in 4″ of water.

Repairable, try that with a plastic boat.

Not a rough/big water boat.

8′ boat can handle one man and his equipment, a dozen decoys strapped on the bow

11′ boat can haul one man and his dog + gear or 2 men + gear.
Option for reinforcing stern if planning to power with a trolling motor or small OB of not more than 2.5 hp (8-foot model) 10′ + models can handle up to 5 hp.

Each boat is handmade, many options are available depending on your needs.